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Melissa Tardivel

Business Development Manager

Seb Newman

Sales Development Representative
Multimodal Dexory background

Multimodal 2024, sustainable supply chain management and logistics

Over 300 companies exhibited at Multimodal offering solutions across all modes, together with the latest technological advances, to help you make your supply chains more sustainable, cost effective and more efficient.

Introducing DexoryView

Through our DexoryView platform, we automate data collection and build real-time digital twin technology that unlocks insights across all levels of warehouse operations.

The platform combines the use of autonomous robots to scan warehouses of 1 million sq ft and over 100 000 pallets in a day, providing accurate, instant, real time information on goods and assets across the sites it operates in. Leveraging AI algorithms, alongside the use of enhanced sensors across Dexory’s robots, DexoryView will now power logistics teams with accelerated time to insight and action to make better data-driven informed decisions on operations, expanding outside of inventory - all through one intuitive and interactive cloud platform.

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